About this charity


Our vision is to utilize dance as a way to raise funds and awareness for organizations and projects creating positive social change in the world. 

How It Works

We create a campaign for the fundraising effort and then coordinate and collaborate with dance events around the world to generate donations. These events include dancing demonstrations, festivals, workshops, online dance videos, classes, performances, flash mobs, and really any place where dancing can happen. Choreographies, and dance movements are created by the organization and disseminated via live training and/or social media to build creative cohesion amongst the participants and offer guidance for those with less dance experience.

Participants help raise money by personally donating and/or dancing and inviting others to donate form their community.


Who Can Join

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join regardless of dance experience or skill level. For those that are limited in their maneuverability or who prefer not to dance we also invite people to participate by just attending the events and/or learning about the causes we support and donating.

As an independent organization we seek to partner with other groups, companies, and organizations that seek to make an impact in the world through uniting philanthropy and creative expression.

We also seek to partner with movement studios as well as schools to help us offer venues where events can be hosted and choreographies can be taught.

Why Dance4aChange?

People love to dance and it is a major catalyst for bringing people together collectively. Dance4aChange is an opportunity to help people connect what they love with an opportunity to give back to their community. Dancing restores hope, brings inspiration, and connects us together!

What are we doing in 2016?

In 2016 we started two projects; Dance4Freedom and Dance4StandingRock.  The Dance4Freedom campaign was created to spread awareness about modern day slavery, and to raise funds for organizations helping to stop and rehabilitate human trafficking victims.  The Dance4StandingRock campaign is to raise awareness and funds for the movement to stop the North Dakota Access Pipeline.  Please visit our projects page to learn more and join the effort.

We had our launch party on August 17th in Grass Valley, California. It was a success, and we look forward to hosting more dance events in our home town. Chazlynn Watts, our founder, taught the first dance class series called Everybody Can Dance Class.  Many people came and learned the first choreography and we went out into our local communities and flash mobbed!  It was a blast and we are excited for more!

Please “like” us on Facebook and join our email-list to receive more information and stay up-to-date on our latest developments of and the events we are hosting.

We look forward to dancing with you!